“Reform” means to change with the added intention to improve. According to the Scriptures, God reforms those who are His through Jesus.  Due to the prevalence of our sin nature, reform encompasses everything! What I intend to include on this site are thoughts on reform…out loud.

Material published on this site will primarily relate to Jesus, His Church and Culture-both Eastern and Western. The Eastern part comes from being an Indian (Malayalee), born to Indian parents, living within and close to the Indian community. The Western part comes from being born and raised in Queens, NY, residing in Dallas, TX since 2007 and having friends (some whom I consider family) who are from various cultures but are comfortable with the “norms, forms, and taboos” of the West. But here is a little more for the curious:

I am..

a follower of Jesus

I was born into the Pentecostal church, raised in the Mar Thoma church, influenced by Time Square Church, Dallas Theological Seminary (not a church), Watermark Community Church, Anglican Church of the Resurrection, and two non-denominational churches (The Crossroad Church and Urban Hills Church).

My influences outside of the local church contexts are the following: The Gospel Coalition, various speakers from RZIM, Os Guinness, John Piper, Tim Keller. Older influences (outside the Bible) include St. Augustine, François Fenelon, John of the Cross, Lesslie Newbign, and A. W. Tozer.

It is difficult to identify myself with one particular denomination or church tradition, therefore, I characterize myself as Reformed, still believing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with a renewed love for liturgy.

a husband to Jessie, and father to Lana and Lael

I met my wife primarily through my sister-in-law, Lisa. On the day she married my brother, small talk between Jessie and I led to her asking me “When was infant baptism introduced to the early church?” For a girl like that asking me a question like this!? My interests became more than just her beauty. On December 30th 2010 we went out for our first coffee. On May 18th we got engaged, and on June 9th, 2012 I married her. Today she continues to be my best friend, who sees all the ugly yet still loves and respects me. We have since had two girls, Lana (2) and Lael (4 mo).


an adjunct at Strayer University

My time with Strayer began in July 2013. Although my commitment there only consists of one to two classes per semester, I am really grateful for the community there, especially the students. I teach courses in World Religion and World Cultures (Humanities).

a Ph.D in Humanities (History of Ideas) student at the University of Texas (at Dallas)

Ever since I began teaching at the college level, I have sensed a need to be more equipped to teach the courses that I do. Moreover, my time in ministry has always made me curious to what believers look like from the outside. I have since developed an academic interest in the history of evangelicalism (with a special focus on race relations).  In addition, my general fields of research interest include American Intellectual History, American Religious History, and Nineteenth-Century American Literature. Currently, I have completed my coursework and started studying for my field exams.